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Nordica SoHo Project Development

Our strength is to be able to see opportunities where most specialists only see problems and to transform these opportunities into commercial successes. This strength, combined with a culture that encourages creativity and non-conventional thinking in assorted fields, gives NORDICA the possibility to create superior value.


NORDICA has teamed up with BPDL (pre-cast concrete), a frontrunner in the Canadian construction industry: NORDICA has family ties with BPDL. By working hand-in-hand with this partner, NORDICA has developed a proven construction set-up that maximizes the prefabrication process of our projects. The resulting efficiency enables NORDICA to reach of one of its main objectives: that of offering superior quality real estate solutions at highly competitive prices, regardless of the distance between our prefabricated unit building facilities and construction sites.


The strategy of NORDICA is quite simple. We are big fans of what we call: Fill the holes strategy. It is our opinion, there are several good projects that are simply abandoned because they lack glamor or because they are not realized with the adequate techniques.

Our approach is to find exciting and strong market and good opportunities and to fill the gap between the supply and the demand. We do not pretend to create markets or redefine the world by launching complicates projects that last forever with big risks and no return for the shareholders.

We are a feet-on-the-ground developer with a strong vision supported by the following items:

1. Projects must have a start, a middle and an end. We like project that can be realized in a short time. So we avoid land development or projects that need bylaw redefinition or timescale aspect that we cannot manage;

2. Market must clearly exist. We want to develop very niche projects that are able to resist to economical downturns and that can be realized in a short time.

3. Soft cost must be minimum and remain a minor percentage of the project. We are committed to give our shareholders real tangible assets for their money. We believe that the only way to do so is to minimize soft costs. If one has to spend a tremendous amount of money in marketing, it is maybe because one is not in a good market;

4. We must be able to differentiate us from the competition by being able to use our knowledge and technologies.



This type of design can take many forms, or columns and beams used with prefabricated parts of concrete coating or a set of load-bearing walls with precast double tees and hollow slabs. This is the solution that best suits the project. A solution that will streamline the construction process, and to the benefit of all stakeholders – developer, architect, engineer, contractor and end user.

The prefabricated components can be installed in winter regardless of weather conditions, which contributes to compliance with a tight schedule. Developers who use the Integral Precast argue that its use may decrease from 20 to 50% of the schedule of a project when compared to a steel structure construction, and more if we push the comparison to a structure concrete poured on site.

Prefabricated bathroom

For project such as hotel or apartments in which the need in bathroom is high, we use bathroom cell that can be installed on site in less than three hour each. All mechanical (plumbing tubes and electrical wires) components are already incorporated into the cell, ready to be linked to the main shaft of the building.

In home solutions

Internal team of Nordica has a tremendous experience in all aspects of the development of a real estate project. From a real background in construction industry, we added financial expertise as well as marketing knowledge. Engineers, architects, real estate brokers, and financial experts are part of our in house team avoiding the need of expensive consultants and delays in the development of a real estate project. We are sure that we can bring a special angle and bring paradigms and the following aspect of a real estate project:

• Analysis of economical viability, feasibility studies and pro forma;
• Preliminary definition of the architectural concept and the land occupation;
• Engineering and construction methods;
• Definition of operation strategies and project’s realization;
• Documentation for financing and financing.

• Debt’s structure and project’s equity;
• Project’s syndication;
• Investments through our investors network;
• Preparation of the presentation’s file for financing.

• Implantation of the projects sales structure;
• Definition of the sales strategies;
• Sales from our strategic partner network.

• Management of for every phase of the project;
• Project development with architects and other participants to the project;
• Definition of construction solutions to decrease costs;
• Construction supervision including negotiation of contracts;
• Construction with our strategic partners

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